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Introducing Novaeo, a dynamic team of eCommerce specialists revolutionizing the health and wellness market. With an impressive portfolio of eight brands spanning dietary supplements, tea, natural skincare, cosmetics, bulk health foods, spices, and sweeteners, Novaeo is at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Founded in August 2016 by the visionary Brandon Middleton. 

Novaeo excels in the rapid and cost-effective creation and launch of new product brands across diverse markets. Our esteemed product formulation team stands unrivaled, boasting some of the finest talents all over the world.

What sets us apart is not only our individual prowess but also our collective spirit. Each team member is a wellspring of inspiration, fostering autonomy and personal growth while fostering a sense of unity. Our work environment is characterized by warmth and productivity, where we strike a harmonious balance between lightheartedness and unwavering focus. We thrive on finding innovative solutions and adding value to every endeavor we undertake.

Who we are

Driven by an unparalleled motivation and a deep-rooted team spirit, we operate under a forward-thinking teal business structure. Our adaptability and constant evolution fuel our progress, and our unwavering vision transcends the boundaries of our ambitious hearts.

At Novaeo, we are not just building a business empire; we are creating an online community that empowers us to reshape the world. We hold dear the values of travel, social responsibility, personal and team development, transparency, and freedom. With a shared commitment to making a difference, we are united in our mission to create a brighter future.

Teal Business Structure

Self- Management

Novaeo eliminates the hierarchy and embraces decentralization. Trust is placed in employees individual and collective intelligencce. Everyone has a sense of responsibility and decision making is shared.


Employees in Novaeo are encouraged to develop not only as professionals, but as human beings. Maximizing individual’s potential by giving freedom to express one’s true self.

Evolutionary Purpose

Instead of trying to predict the future, Novaeo goes with the flow, responding to the current purpose. There is no specific direction, the employees listen and understand each other and figure out the direction that they want to go together.

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